Make Sure You Can Always Afford To Replace These Things

Monday, December 16th, 2019
replacing expensive things

One thing you learn as an adult is that expensive things break at the worst possible times. As soon as you have the new water heater put in, you’ll find out that you need a new roof. Life is full of these unavoidable financial pitfalls, so the key is to think in terms of preparation. 

When budgeting and saving, keep in mind that you should always be ready to replace these big-ticket items.


Tires are expensive. Four tires can come out to about $1,000, which can be a huge hit to the wallet for many people. A full set of tires will probably need to be replaced every four or five years, depending on the make and the mileage.

Home Repairs

Most appliances will last a respectable length of time, but when the end of its life span seems near it’s a good idea to be prepared. It could be in your best interest to price-check appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators periodically. And before you count an appliance a loss, try troubleshooting the problem. If you’re lucky, you could fix the problem yourself for a fraction of what a new appliance would cost.


While replacing a blown-out tire can be a hard hit to the wallet, It’s preferable to replacing a blown engine or transmission. If you find yourself on the side of the highway in a car that has given up on you, you don’t have too many options. Walking isn’t realistic for the majority of Americans, so if you find yourself suddenly out of a vehicle, you’ll want to have the means to start making plans for a replacement–and quickly.


Most mattresses will last longer than the recommended 8 years to be replaced, but if your mattress starts causing you pain, there’s really only one way to fix it. You’ll have to open up your wallet and get a brand new one.

You’ll find that life can be difficult without these essential (and expensive) things. So it’s incredibly important that you have an emergency fund can help you replace these big items right away. You may not enjoy saving money now, but you’ll be glad you did when your car is broken down on the side of the road.

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