6 Sales Secrets To Know Before You Go Car Shopping

Saturday, January 25th, 2020
sales secrets

Do you hate dealing with car salespeople? Most people do. Maybe it’s because salespeople will do just about anything to sell a car. Here are six sales secrets that will help you feel more confident when you go shopping for your next car.

1. They’re getting you ready to buy even before you get there. Salespeople use a lot of tricks to get you in the door, from rotating stock to advertising “sales” that aren’t really sales. Expect a salesperson to approach you as soon as you step on the lot. They will start asking questions to figure out how to sell to you, such as ‘what is your budget.’

2. They are trained to sell based on payments rather than price. Monthly payments can hide the true cost of a vehicle, so salespeople will try to focus there, since they make a lot of money on financing. The monthly payment they offer may be in your budget, but if the loan is for 72 months at 9 percent interest rate, it could add thousands of dollars to the purchase price. If you’re planning on paying for a car without financing, don’t tell them until after the negotiation. If they ask about payments and financing, change the subject — you are more likely to get the price you want.

3. Salesmen hate it when you do your research. These days you can easily look up information about a car on your smart phone while you’re at the lot, but the sales person may try to divert you by saying the online price isn’t accurate. If you are interested in a car but haven’t researched it, don’t buy it. Go home and do the research. This includes researching other loan options outside of the dealership for better rates. Having a pre-approved loan amount with a credit union or bank ahead of time will give you more leverage when negotiating at the dealership.

4. They’ll do just about anything to make the sale, but you’ll have to work for it. The salesman obviously wants to make as much commission as possible. Many dealerships use the “I’ll check with the manager” line to keeping you waiting until you give in to a higher price. But often, if customers insist on a certain price that is reasonable, salespeople will eventually agree to the deal. You just might have to be persistent and willing to stick around for a while. If you feel bold, you can try calling other dealerships in front of your salesperson and start a bidding war to speed things along.

5. They may inflate your vehicle’s trade-in value to make you think you’re getting a great deal. Don’t think of your vehicle as a bargaining chip. Be wary of any too-good-to-be-true offers. Negotiate the price before you talk about trade-in.

6. They will adjust their pitch based on what you’re looking for. Prepare for sales tactics to change as they find out more information about what you want. Come prepared and show that you’re not easily swayed, and your salesperson will give you more useful information. They need to sell you a car, so they will make adjustments if you show them you have done the research.

Borger Federal Credit Union can help you with loan pre-approvals and with advice on how to handle pushy salespeople. Be sure to talk to one of our loan officers before you go shopping for your next new car!

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